Guide to admin of

Login as "admin" or "cwadmin"

these login have NO trading functions - so have NO trading accounts or participation in any cc system

they are mainly to be used for initiating new accounts, posting contributions, registrations, and initial "cash" draw of cw$ bills

"admin" has all permissions and so can access all login accounts, or edit profile data

cwadmin has "steward" permissions for identity domains "cv" and ""

"pending" login has "user" permissions for identity domain "", to allow it to open temp accounts for unconfirmed cso

cwadmin is "manager" (as creator) for transaction systems "cw~cv" and ""

only "admin"
both "admin" and "cwadmin" login accts can grant "user" permissions (allowing trading acct creation) in domains "cv" and ""

Procedure for new login account "whoever" in cv registry - "whoever^cv"

use this link  -
(please DO NOT publish this link, it could create a spam problem)

user name "whoever" must be new
a valid email is needed

a trading account "whoever^cv" will be created (if not already existing)

login as new user

using trading acct in cv - "whoever^cv"
join trading acct to system "cw~cv"

if new account is a contributing business

record registration transfer to "omdev^cv"

if beneficiaries are registered

record contributions in "cw~cv"

if beneficiaries pending

join to
to system ""

if new pending beneficiary "newbene"

login as "pending"
create trading account -
join this acct to system ""

record offer(s) from "whoever^cv" to "newbene^" in ""

login as admin

in "user" tab, edit user account "whoever"

activate - an email will be sent to the address on that account